WES: Inspiring Women in Engineering

The Women's Engineering Society (WES) is a charitable company, founded in 1919 to support women in engineering. Over 100 years later, WES still operates as a Membership Society, promoting the education of women in engineering and advancing the education of the public concerning the study and practice of engineering among women. In 2014, WES founded International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), held annually on 23 June to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available in this exciting industry.

WES - inspiring women in engineering since 1919. 

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What we do


An international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering

Student Conference

Our annual residential conference for students provides both technical and personal/professional development as well as opportunities to meet employers

STEM Returners

Enabling employers to recruit, develop and retain talent, and for highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career or transfer their skills to another sector


A unique cross-sector mentoring scheme for women working in STEM providing independent mentors who understand the challenges faced and who can provide support and advice

Celebrating Women

WES offers awards to celebrate women and men who deserve recognition for their services to engineering and furthering the diversity agenda




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Resources and Publications


WES members and supporters are invited to write articles and blogs.


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The Woman Engineer

Published quarterly, the WES brings you all the news from WES and Women in Engineering

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Be part of a network of women engineers and scientists and support our work to encourage more gender diversity in engineering.

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