The Top 50 Women in Engineering #WE50

The Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards #WE50 - Nominations are now closed

Founded by the Women's Engineering Society in 2016, the WE50 awards are a UK event linked to International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) – the celebration of women in engineering that takes place on 23 June each year.

Image removed.The 2023 Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards celebrate the women engineers who are engaged in safety and security and who #MakeSafetySeen. These amazing women work to keep us safe, wherever we are, whether at work or leisure, at home or online. Following in the footsteps of our first Secretary, Dame Caroline Haslett, who invented the three-pin safety plug to protect children from electric shocks, the 2023 WE50 winners will be women who are protecting the public through their work, often unseen and unknown.  

Nominations opened at noon on 11 February 2023, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, to those women engineers who are working in safety and security, including cybersecurity, particularly if they also support sustainability and/or combat climate change, and support other women to do the same. Nominations closed at 15:00 on 31 March 2023.

2023 criteria for nomination – Safety and Security

We are celebrating women engineers who are engaged in safety and security and are supporting other women in engineering to do the same. 

Essential Criteria – all nominees must satisfy these:

  • A woman, aged 18 or older
  • Working as an engineer, or working or studying in engineering industries and allied sectors, engineering education, or engineering research
  • Based in the UK - nominees do not have to be UK citizens
  • Not a previous WE50 winner
  • Can demonstrate they are engaged in work involving safety or security
  • Safety and security should be interpreted in the broadest possible context, including but not limited to cyber security, medical technology and devices, pharma, transport, civil engineering, and human factors.

 Desirable Criteria:

  • Work that supports sustainability and/or combat climate change will score well
  • Acting as an advocate for other women working in safety or security
  • Acting as an advocate for other women in STEM
  • Achieving beyond what would normally be expected for career stage - nominations welcome at all career stages 


Hints & tips on writing a great awards application

The Women's Engineering Society has an insightful guide compiled by our previous award judges on what makes a great winning entry. 
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Important WE50 dates

11 February 2023 – #WE50 Nominations open 
31 March 2023 – 15:00 #WE50 nominations close
9 May 2023 #WE50 winners notified
23 June 2023 #WE50 winners announced!

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