Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor is a world-leading provider of low-power, advanced mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Our products support a wide range of applications, including wearables, smart home appliances, connected medical devices, automotive applications, wireless audio, haptics feedback and the industrial IoT.
Our semiconductor-based solutions are offered as standard, configurable and custom products to provide customers with the highest degree of flexibility for differentiating their own products and accelerating their time-to-market. Certified to Industrial and Automotive grade quality standards, Dialog’s ICs empower customers to develop the next generation of devices that are enhancing consumer product functionality, accelerating the pace of innovation and powering the smart connected future.
Dialog has a renowned reputation for flexible, dynamic support and world-class innovation. We are a socially responsible employer pursuing programs that benefit our employees, stakeholders and community, and are backed by world-class manufacturing partners. Those leading electronics manufacturers and suppliers trust Dialog to deliver, thanks to our decades of experience as an established business partner in the rapid development of custom ICs. ​www.dialog-semiconductor.com

At Dialog we value diversity at every level as we know it makes our business stronger. This year we have a strong focus on gender diversity and we are proud to partner with the Women in Engineering Society (WES). Partnering with WES will enable our female engineers to participate in events and learn from the available resources, networks and thought leadership. We will also advertise on the WES job board to attract fellow female engineers to our open opportunities. Partnering with WES will aid us in our initiative to raise the awareness of opportunities for women within the Engineering and Technology sector.