The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association is an international membership organisation for companies that own or operate fixed industrial assets. This is equipment, often dealing with hazardous materials, which the company relies upon working reliably, efficiently and safely. We help them by developing and publishing guidance, recognised by regulators worldwide as “what good looks like”, providing a forum for information exchange on aspects impacting safety and environmental issues, arranging training and competency courses in technical disciplines, assisting in the drawing up of national and international standards, and representing our members views to regulators and legislative bodies in technical areas.

We represent engineering focussed organisations across the world, allowing a platform for the sharing of critical safety related experience, and helping to develop talent that will be vital for the future of our Members. Barriers to both of those key missions will affect all our futures. If key talent feels unable to enter technical professions, if those in key roles feel unable to present their findings, or learn from those of others, then Members, and their stakeholders – including those who depend on what they do, will be at risk. We want to help WES remove those barriers; within our own events, and within the profession, so that all those with ability are included in the vital conversation about the future of engineering.