Metis Consultants are a civil and environmental engineering consultancy, specialising in ‘Water and the Environment’ and ‘Highways and Infrastructure’. We are an exciting, diverse company, based in South West London. We work with public and private sector clients, providing a personalised approach and developing tailored solutions. Our day-to-day work ranges from data collection and analysis, problem solving, hydraulic modelling, design, consultation, developing strategies, overseeing build and site investigations. 
Metis prides itself on being a modern-day engineering consultancy, where ambitions are supported, and team members are encouraged to pursue areas that interest them. 50% of our team are women, with people from all over the world. We work hard to find and nurture talent, providing people with opportunities to progress through the company into management and specialist roles. 

Metis joined WES in 2019, looking for an opportunity to further support our team members. We are also keen for our approach to recruitment to be used as an example to help banish the stereotypes around engineering. We are particularly keen to support the mentoring schemes, providing our team members with the opportunity to gain support from people outside of our company and encouraging our senior team members to support others. We look forward to getting involved with the London Cluster.