Projects and Campaigns

Since 1919 WES has worked to enable women to choose to do work they enjoy and to ensure that women are comfortable with using technology. You can get involved with WES and its campaigns at a national, regional or local level.

WES collaborates with partners across science, technology, engineering and built environment to demonstrate that women can achieve in so-called non-traditional jobs and fields of work.

Our current projects, initiatives and schemes include:

  • STEM Returners - this began in 2018, a programme for returners and transferers across science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • MentorSET - a mentoring programme for women in STEM
  • WE50 - an annual awards scheme to recognise 50 influential women in engineering and STEM 
  • The Karen Burt Award - recognising the best newly chartered young woman engineer
  • INWED - the International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June every year, our birthday and an international awareness day in which we celebrate women engineers.  We promote campaigns such as #MenAsAllies in 2017, #RaisingTheBar in 2018 and #TransformTheFuture in 2019
  • WES Centenary - on June 23 2019, WES had its 100th birthday! Join us in remembering our heritage, celebrating our women engineers and changing the future.

WES also connects women through our conferences, lectures, e-newletter, The Woman Engineer journal, social media, clusters and student groups.  We welcome opportunities to present at conferences and seminars, we invite our partners to join us in conversations, roundtables and our campaigns.

WES, our members and partners are also helping to evolve workplace cultures so that women feel supported in the workplace and have:

  • appropriate working conditions, facilities and role models to inspire and support them.
  • the full range of flexible working options are available
  • that equal work is rewarded with equal pay and
  • women are empowered to flourish as technical women and managers at all skill levels

Past projects and campaigns

Past projects have included: 

  • Digitalising the WES Journal - The Woman Engineer has been in continouos publication since 1919. Through donations and other support, in 2015 we were able to digitise all archived copies and these are now available to view through the IET.
  • Two STEM outreach projects that ran from 2014 to 2017: Magnificent Women which links hands-on creation of paper airplane wings to early WES role models and Sparxx which provides girls who have attended any STEM outreach activity with an inspirational e-newsletter
  • A 2014 survey for women to find out what the barriers were to women staying or returning to engineering and related STEM roles, Women of STEM: Are you In or out? provided interesting results which have shaped some of our thinking.
  • Diversity in Engineering - Following a 2013 RAEng funded project Set To Lead, a survey of 5000 engineering and technology students across the UK was carried out and a report on the impact of work experience and recruitment practices was published.
  • Voices - a 2013 project to sets out to capture stories from women engineering students to support teenage girls making choices about course options, university or work.

Some of our past campaigns and work include the 90-for-90 role model campaign to celebrate our 90th anniversary in 2008, Technical Leaders Programme, a safety clothing PPE campaign, Winning Women and the Inspiring Women campaign. We have also provided advice on Engaging with girls and sharing advice down the pipeline with Voices in 2014.