Students play an important role in the promotion and continuation of the Women's Engineering Society's work. Current students take on volunteer positions not only within their own University affiliated groups but also as part of the University Groups' Board and Directors' Committees. Students are tomorrow's engineers and their experience and voice helps to shape WES' future.

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Student Membership

WES Annual Student Conference

  • The WES annual student conference is fantastic two day event bringing together engineering students from all over the country. It supports young women to progress in engineering and allied sectors by providing access to employer perspectives, development opportunities and networking
  • Find out more here

Student Engineering Groups

  • A great way to meet others in your field, share ideas, access advice, network, and support one another.
  • Tristan Holland co-ordinates the WES Student groups and can advise you on how to set up a group and is on hand should you have any questions once your group is set up.  If you're interested in affiliating your student group with WES email Tristan at for more information. Set up a new group or affiliate your existing group (general engineering societies can affiliate) and join a larger network of women engineering students from across the UK.
  • Affiliating with WES allows your group to have a position on the WES University Groups Board (UGB) The group meets regularly to share ideas and best practice and facilitate networking between our student groups.

Affiliated Student Groups

Affiliated student groups are are a great way to meet others in your field, share ideas, access advice, network, and support one another. A student group can be any STEM society which have aim to promoting these careers to women. Their events should be things that encourage future engineers, support their members through networking and personal development as well as social events which are a key part of University life. Affiliated groups get the benefit of WES support and knowledge and encourage members to be more involved national society as a whole. 

Why not take a look at the social media of some of our affiliated groups to see what type of events they put on?

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To affiliate a Student Group to WES you can either set up a brand new student group or affiliate an existing group. If there is already a women in engineering society at your university there is no need to set up a new group. The group does not have to be exclusively female, and WES welcomes STEM groups as well as engineering groups. By affiliating to WES your group agrees to promote women in engineering.

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To affiliate your group, you need:

  • At least two WES Student Members to be the Group's Officers (i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).  
  • Support from an academic member of staff who is a WES member to act as the group sponsor.  
  • To complete Application forms:

Check out our Education Partnership too if you are a University wanting enhanced support with your Athena Swan Award or other gender diversity initiatives. 

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