WES Apprentice Board

WES recognises that apprenticeships are an important route into engineering for many women.  To complement the work of our Early Careers Board and University Groups Board, in 2020 WES set up a board for current apprentices. The Apprentice Board consists of 12 WES Members who are Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, or Level 6 apprentices working in an engineering field.

What is the aim of the Apprentice Board?

The aim of the Apprentice Board is to make WES more accessible to apprentices, to reflect their concerns and priorities and to provide input into WES Trustees and staff, allowing the voices of women apprentices within engineering to be heard. The Apprentice Board will also act as role models for young women considering a career within engineering and applied sciences. In addition, the Apprentice Board offers its board members the opportunity for personal, professional and leadership development through board experience and involvement in projects and strategy setting.

Who is on the Apprentice Board?

The Apprentice Board consists of:

Alice Belcher
Jessica Chatburn

Melissa Chigubu
Natasha Dunkinson (Chair)
Jasmine Ewers
Samantha Katanda
Jade Kimpton (Vice-chair)
Kaitlin Mackintosh
Jaymisha Nayee
Jennifer Turay
Amelia Warren
Tilly Watts

Applications are now open to be part of the Apprentice Board! For more information click here.  To apply Click here to access the form