Why Become a Partner?

Our Partnership Programme enables organisations to help WES with the important work that we do in supporting women engineers and encouraging girls to see engineering as a career option, as well as helping your own company with its diversity and inclusion programme. Our programme is designed to enable you to:

  • support the work of WES in increasing diversity and inclusion in the engineering sector
  • attract your next employees through our networking events, conferences, job advertisements and brand promotion and through support of our University Student Groups
  • support your female technical staff and gain access for your women engineers and scientists to tailored leadership, personal development and networking events
  • give your employees the opportunity to become WES volunteers and outreach ambassadors and to engage with STEM outreach events
  • gain opportunities to speak at our conferences and events
  • work on a specific project or research activity
  • promote your jobs on our website, newsletter and through our social media to our community of over 40,000 followers
  • connect with our student engineers and apprentices and promote your job opportunities directly
  • raise your organisation's profile and the profiles of your role model women engineers and technicians
  • use your corporate membership in order to gain visibility for your work on diversity and inclusion when bidding for contracts
  • share good practice with our other partners in regular partner collaboration sessions where relevant topics are covered

Company partnership gives you the opportunity to collaborate with WES in its various activities and in return enjoy the benefits of being part of the WES network. We can offer you a way to connect your technical women with each other and enable them to share their passions for engineering and allied sciences. We can add value to you, your employees and your organisation by sharing knowledge and information and connecting women across sectors.

WES also welcomes contributions in kind towards its objectives including HR support, legal advice, PR and communications, design and printing. Support is welcomed for project management of our programmes. For more information please contact us.

We are grateful to all our supporters for their partnership, sponsorship, and in-kind donations.

To discuss partnership options please contact the Partnership Team at the WES office on: 01438 765506 or email: Partners@wes.org.uk. Programmes can be tailored to suit your needs.