WES Heritage

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In 2019 WES celebrated 100 years of supporting women in engineering. We believe in 


  • Campaigning to influence and challenge current practice
  • Lead transformation, supporting women as technical leaders
  • Encouraging men to be active in inclusion and gender diversity


  • Connecting and celebrating women engineers and supporters through awards, events and the media


  • Our National Lottery Heritage Funded ‘WES Centenary Trail’ celebrates people and places that have played a key part of WES’ history over the past 102 years. Through a series of Wikithons and public events, we have created an online map using new and improved Wikipedia pages to showcase over one hundred years of women engineers, and to ensure their stories are available on the 5th most visited website in the world. This was supported by a series of public events and a Centenary themed WES Lottie Doll Tour. Follow @WESCentenary on Twitter and @wes_centenary on Instagram for daily snippets from WES's hundred years of history and notification of events and Wikithons. 

    Log onto our Centenary YouTube Channel  and learn more about some of our discoveries.


Get involved!

WES asks supporters to join us by supporting national, regional and local events to celebrate amazing women and the amazing technology they have brought into people's lives.

To find out more

Follow @WESCentenary on Twitter and @wes_centenary on Instagram or keep an eye out for updates in the monthly WES e-Newsletter. Image removed.

If you are not a WES member but want to run a WES Centenary event or support an event, please contact heritage@wes.org.uk.


To donate to the WES Centenary please follow the link below to the WES donations and payments page.  Prior to your payment being finalised you will have the opportunity to specify the reason for payment.  Please select 'centenary donation only'